about us

It is our pleasure to introduce WEMCO GROUP as one of the leading Equipment's Trading and engineering companies operating in UAE.

Rental & Sale

We are the largest manufacturer and distributor of sky rider, Distributors for brands ZLP , BOYU , Cosmo suspended Platforms and lifting equipment’s , TOYO , MANTALL in middle east, India, and Africa. in middle east, india, and africa.


Build & Design

WEMCO Group of companies have developed in the field of Lifting equipment and solutions in the Middle East for ten (10) years. WEMCO is one of the leaders in manufacturing and supplying of Building Maintenance Units (BMU) and Suspended Platforms (Cradles) and all of its accessories and spare parts in the Middle East. Wemco also developed Material Lifting Winches and Glass Handling Equipment.



In today’s competitive era, quality is a prime factor. Quality output from any machine depends on machine's repeat performance. WE UNDER TAKE ANUALLY AND QUARLERLY CONTRACT FOR AMC.